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Automatic email notification

Post by jonas » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:32 pm

Dear community,

We received feedback that it's easy to miss new topics on this forum. Therefore, we decided to introduce an automatic email notification system.

The following changes are effective immediately:
  • New users will be subscribed automatically to all sub-forums upon registration
  • Existing users were subscribed manually to all sub-forums by the administrators
If you do not want to be notified about new topics on this forum anymore, you can always manually unsubscribe from sub-forums at any time.

To unsubscribe from sub-forums, follow these steps:
  1. Login to
  2. Go to the sub-forum you want to unsubscribe
  3. In the "Forums" tab on top, click on "Unsubscribe forum"
We hope that these changes are in your best interest and look forward to discussions.

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