Gas usage

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Gas usage

Post by ssivajothi » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:20 pm

Hi all,

A question for anyone who has either been running the IMC for a long time- do you have an idea of the estimated gas usage for long runs?
- How many hours of continuous run does the standard argon tank and a UHP300 helium tank last for? This information would be good to know for both making sure that there is enough gas for a long run and for cores to calculate cost of running. Has anyone tested this so far?
- What is the estimated life of the laser on the Hyperion instrument? How often does it need to be replaced? This would also come into cost calculations.

If anyone has info on this it would be useful. To also echo a question from another person on the forum, any core labs with the IMC, what are your calculated costs for IMC runs?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Gas usage

Post by RaulCatena » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:30 pm

Hi Santosh,

Of course depends on the gas tanks that you have. Roughly we get at least around 72h of continuous running with 2 Cytofs (for one it would be more like 4.5 days) with the same Argon tank. The argon tanks we use are 250L give or take. The helium usually lasts for much longer (2/3 weeks per ~50L pressurized helium bullets). Note that pressure in the argon tanks is much lower than standard helium bullets. Also, the argon requirements are much higher, since 90% is used for keeping the the plasma on, while the rest flows through the ceiling of the ablation chamber. The helium is used only to keep the pressure in the ablation chamber and the flux is only through the pinhole on the lid.

Regarding the laser, we are not so sure yet. Fluidigm must have specifications in terms of hundreds of millions - billion shots. We have been working with non standard equipment for a long time and only now we are getting more experience with the commercial units.

Hope it helps.
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