Custom masks

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Computational image analysis of multiplexed Imaging Mass Cytometry acquisitions
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Custom masks

Post by chipboy » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:46 pm

Hi - First time user of Histocat for Hyperion data.

I'm like being able to segment the cells from my tissue, but I want to be able to impose a mask from H&E histological staining, and differentiate the cells (and their proteomic signature) within a particular region of my section, from those outside this region. I imagine that I would need to draw a separate mask of the boundary and import that into Histocat, but I have not got the knowledge to apply this idea; is this something I can do in Histocat, and if not would anyone have a suggestion of what tools I could use to create and impose such a mask.

Any suggestions or help would be very gratefully received.

Best wishes, and thanks in advance

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